Song Critique

Here at SONG 101, we strongly believe that the song is king. 

Without a killer melody and captivating lyrics, there is no point going into the demo stage… If the song isn’t ready yet, you are wasting your time and money.

That’s why we offer a professional song critique service. 

This is the chance to turn your song into a hit. It’s the very last step before recording a demo for your track.

You will receive a full, in-depth analysis of your song, with clear steps to take in order to fine tune it ready for release.

If your song is already as good as it possibly can be, you’ll get a green light from us. We’ll discuss where you should be looking at pitching your song, and the steps needed in order to do so.


When you complete the purchase, you will be asked to upload a link to your song (via soundcloud, dropbox etc.). We will then listen to your song and get back to you with a full written analysis and further steps to be taken.

If you’d prefer, we can instead arrange a 1-2-1 video call. This will be roughly 30 minutes, where we will talk you through the analysis. Please select which option you’d like when purchasing.

Song critique is for people who want to know whether their song is ready for market. It’s the final, essential step before committing to recording a demo. 

Absolutely not. We encourage phone recordings or even live performances – that way you haven’t wasted your time and money on demoing.

Your song will be critiqued by Sam Dawson, the founder of SONG 101. Sam is an award-winning songwriter and producer, with over 1 Million streams of his songs on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. 

We believe every song should go through this phase, no matter what your songwriting ability is. When you write a song, it’s easy to fall into the idea of ‘This is amazing!’ or even ‘This is rubbish!’. Getting a professional critique will allow you to be objective about the quality of your song.

Meet Your Mentor

Sam Dawson is an award-winning songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Hull, UK. His songs have been recorded by artists around the world, receiving over 1 Million streams on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube etc.

As a graduate of ACM, Sam has written and shared a stage with some of the biggest names in the industry, including the teams behind: Jennifer Lopez, Amy Winehouse, Kenny Rogers, George Benson and Tammy Wynette, to name a few.

Sam is the founder of Song 101, an international songwriting tuition service that helps aspiring songwriters to achieve their goals. As a tutor, Sam has over 10 years of experience, and receives thousands of views on his YouTube Channel every week.

choose your number of songs:

One Song Critique

£ 29
  • In-depth analysis of one song
  • Written analysis only
  • Next steps for the song explained

Two Song Critique

£ 49
  • In-depth analysis of two songs
  • Written or 1-2-1 Video call
  • Next steps for the song explained

Three Song Critique

£ 69
  • In-depth analysis of three songs
  • Written or 1-2-1 Video call
  • Next steps for the song explained