Song 101


Hi, my name’s Sam Dawson. I’m a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Hull, UK.

Having trodden the path of the aspiring musician, I know what it’s like to have no guidance on songwriting.

How do you make your lyrics interesting?

How do you make your melodies really sing?

How do you make your songs the best they can possibly be?

This is knowledge that needs to be shared, and it is the main reason why I founded Song 101 – to work with songwriters on a one-to-one basis, helping them to develop their craft and write better songs.


After years of writing and re-writing songs, it is my firm belief that songwriting can be learnt. Just like you can learn how to cook, or learn to play the guitar. Songwriting is a skill that you can develop.

I know this because I still have a recording of my first ever song. It was tragic. It literally makes my palms sweat and my face turn red when I hear it being played. 

Thankfully, I didn’t buy into the common knowledge that ‘Songwriting is something that you’re born with’. I knew that if I stuck at it, I’d get to the point where not only would I like my own songs, but other people would like them too. It was simply a matter of learning the craft.

Songwriting is a dying art

It only takes a quick listen to the radio, to know that songwriting is a dying art form. 


SONGS are being replaced with TRACKS

In a world where anyone with a laptop can create recorded music. The emphasis has moved heavily onto how much ‘ear-candy’ you can fit into a 3 minute song. Many writers are forgetting about the art of writing captivating lyrics and beautiful melodies, and weaving them into a brilliant song. 

This is actually good news for us songwriters. It means that more than ever, the industry is starving for well crafted songs.

ready to get serious about songwriting?

Here at Song 101, we offer online one-to-one coaching for aspiring songwriters. It’s your chance to ask all of the burning questions that you have, and receive specific guidance on what steps need to be taken next in order to keep progressing.

"Your coaching sessions will be tailor made, to help you achieve your own specifc goals"

Everybody is at different stages in their songwriting path, so our sessions together will be designed specifically to help you reach your songwriting goals.

When you first enroll for coaching, I will ask you to send in five recordings of your best songs. (If you have nothing recorded yet, don’t worry – you can send lyric sheets or play them live). These recordings don’t need to be radio-ready, they can be very simple recordings you have taken on your smart phone.

Once I’ve received your tracks, I’ll be in touch to arrange your first session. During this session we’ll discuss:

1. Where your weak areas are

2. What your songwriting goals are

3. How we can move forward to achieve those goals

'How does it work?'

Coaching sessions are held via Skype video calls. Details of how to set this up will be emailed to you once we have arranged a time for our first session.

At the end of the first session, we’ll talk about what dates and times suit you for future sessions. Most students take regular weekly/fortnightly sessions, but for others that’s not possible due to working shifts. In which case, we will find dates and times that fit in with your schedule.

After the first session, payment is made in monthly blocks which will be invoiced prior to the first session of the month. 

'How do I start?'

To arrange your first session, send an email to Include your name, a bit about yourself and your songwriting, along with up to five of your best tracks. 

I’ll be in touch ASAP to discuss a date and time for your first session.

Looking forward to hearing from you!